Play Zombie

Play and win, fight and win in this new multiplayer survival game. Play Zombie you will get unforgettable moments, with it you will spend your leisure fun and fun. At the same time dozens of other players will fight for the title of the champion, try to destroy them all and become the leader, the most dexterous and successful fighter, that having killed all the other rivals, will not fall under the bullet of the enemy and will remain the only survivor on the huge playing field.

Play Zombie, do not try to establish friendly contacts. Every counter for you - the enemy, shoot it at close range without hesitation, otherwise the next moment you will receive a discharge of lead from it. While you do not have any weapons in hand, do not engage in a direct battle, take cover and maneuver, look for weapons that are most often in houses and boxes. The more rifles, submachine guns and machine guns you find in your stores, the better, you can use different types of weapons in different situations. The warehouse is quite roomy in it, you can place your entire arsenal, up to eight units at a time.

First-aid kits and healing potions will allow you to heal injuries and replenish the energy supply. Look for medicines and elixirs on locations and use them at critical moments. In no case do not try to wage war from an ambush, in Zombie this is unacceptable. The slightest simple will immediately begin to kill your protagonist with poisonous fumes. Operate the fighter with the ASDW keys, take the items with the E button, shoot with the left mouse click.