Zombie battle royale

Fight for leadership and become the winner in a bloody fight for survival in an exciting and exciting multiplayer survival game. Zombie battle royale will allow you to show all your fighting talents, make you demonstrate the inclinations of a tactician and a strategist, will enjoy a dynamic plot and excellent 2D graphics. Play and try to remain the only survivor in this difficult and brutal confrontation.

The game is played until the last fighter. The winner is one of the participants who will manage to hold out the most, and will remain the only alive among dozens of no less than purposeful opponents. Look for weapons in homes and boxes, store in a vault and use different types depending on the circumstances.

Never stand still. Move and look for the best points for attack and attack. Simple in Zombie battle royale is unacceptable. As soon as you stop, immediately around the protagonist will start to climb the clouds of poisonous gases, which only the first-aid kits and healing elixirs will manage to cope with. Operate the soldier using the ASDW key combination, the E button will help lift the object from the ground, the left click of the mouse will open the shooting.