Zombs royal

Dynamic and rich story, great graphics and a lot of positive emotions - this is what distinguishes this shooter from the mass of other multiplayer games. Zombs royal - an exciting game of survival, play it, try to break out into the leaders and remain the only surviving fighter in a bloody armed battle for life and death.

At your disposal in Zombie royale.io will be a huge arsenal, which you can use as needed. In the presence of ordinary pistols, assault rifles, rifles and even machine guns, however, in the beginning you will need to find them. Most often they are hidden in houses, bunkers and chests, search them, just do not get into ambushes, other players are very fond of arranging them in such frequently visited places.

The warehouse in Zombs royal is quite roomy, where you can store up to eight weapons. Do not try to wage war from cover, simple here is unacceptable, you must constantly be in motion. The slightest stop of the protagonist will cause a surge of poisonous fumes, which only the first-aid kits and healing potions can cope with. Management is simple: ASDW - movement, E - selection of items, left click is responsible for the shooting.